Hey there! Thank You for visiting my website! My name is Helena Sophia Martina Röhrig, I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Hamburg and have been living here since.

From an early age on, a very big creativity showed up in my ideas and visions.
When I was 19 I came in contact with art therapy where I found my big passion for abstract and intuitive, completely free and flowing art.

It is really interesting how much personality and inner structures you can see and feel in the way somebody paints or how somebody prepares the creative process and so on.. Art therapy is really something I can imagine myself doing later in my life. Before the therapy I didn’t know I could paint. It was the beginning of the process of finding myself through art and music.
It would make me very happy to help people find their inner channel of pure creativity, because it helped me so much and it forms my life so intensely, that I wish to pass it on. I think art changes the world so much and I think art is the answer to many questions.

My creativity not only shows up in my paintings or music. My creativity and my idea of art shines through my whole way of living, it leads me every second of my life.
I believe, that the divine soul expresses itself through us by art. We just have to be connected and open hearted to let it flow through us. I love to inspire people to open this channel in themselves.
This helped me very much in my own creative process, to see me as a medium for the art, flowing through me.

I am just a servant bringing this creative gift to the world.

My biggest goal for the future is to create a creative space where people come to experience healing through different kinds of art and where people come to just be together, celebrating all the presents of life in a surrounding wich is already healing by itself.

I wish You a great day! ♥️🌀🌞

for any requests email me: hhelenart@gmail.com